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Report a Found Cat, Dog, or Pet for FREE  

Completely free to use website automatic lost/found pet matching system

The main way that Animal Search UK works is by having a FREE to use website where owners can report their missing pets, with up to four photographs. Lost cats and lost dogs are the most common missing pets.  The pet will remain on the site for as long as it takes to find them.
The website can also be used by members of the public who have found a missing cat or missing dog – they too can submit a report free of charge with photos in the hope that an owner will come forward.

The website features an advanced ‘auto-match’ system whereby, if a found pet is added to the database that is from the same area as a missing pet, the website database will automatically notify the owner immediately that there is a possibility their pet has been found.

The website receives approx 50,000 hits in any typical month and over 1,500 lost and found pets are ‘listed’ with 4 photos free of charge each month.

Animal Search UK…

Dog Owner EducationRecognise and report animal abuse.

It’s a case of “don’t pass by” if you have suspicions that an animal you see/ live near or come across is being abused or ill- treated please report it to the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or

Here are some tips on recognising if an animal is being abused:

Alfies Law Foundation

What we would like to achieve with Alfie’s Law

  • We would like to achieve a zero tolerance on animal abuse as there is absolutely no excuse for it.
  • We would also like to see custodial sentencing increased & be consistent throughout the UK with an automatic lifetime ban for persistent or serious offenders.
  •  We would also like to see educational programmes and a national database for offenders of animal cruelty to help prevent re offending.

Currently within the UK Judicial System, sentencing guidelines are set by the Sentencing Council and they provide detailed guidance to Magistrates Courts across the UK. These guidelines state that offences of Animal Cruelty (as described in the Animal Welfare Act 2006) is triable only summarily (cannot go to Crown Court) and carry a maximum penalty of £20,000 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment).
Our 1st petition was very successful in raising awareness with more than 39,000 UK signatures and we have now set up our 2nd petition with please sign this petition & share the link far & wide: 
Alfie's petition    

Facebook: Alfie's Law
Twitter: @AlfieBeardie

Does your dog's tail swish more to the right?

Or, lately, is your solemn pooch a left leaner? Scientists think they know what these subtle differences mean, and what’s more they’ve got evidence to show other dogs do too.

Any dog lover can tell you that far from being simple creatures; dogs appear to exhibit a wide range of moods and expression, from charging around one minute to being a cautious canine the next.

Now, in a study published in the journal Current Biology, scientists have not only identified particular tail wagging patterns that can indicate your dog is feeling in a positive or negative way, but that other dogs not only see those patterns but react to them too.
Read more:

Read more: BBC News - Scientists decipher dog-tail wags

Advertise & rehome your dog safely with Dog2home

Occasionally in life, we have to rehome a pet due to a change in circumstances beyond our control. And when we do, it's difficult to know if that future home is going to care for our pet as much as we have.
Illegal dog fighting has now become big business in the UK with dogs being stolen or obtained from free ad sites online to be used as bait dogs to train fighting dogs.
Puppy farms are churning out endless supplies of sickly pups for money. Cheaply or freely obtained unspayed or neutered dogs are used for breeding kept in terrible conditions with no veterinary checks until they die. Either way it's a terrible end to a faithful once loved companion. 

If you have to rehome your pet, you need to know your pet is going to a good home. With Dog2Home you have peace of mind. We carry out home checks on prospective homes so you can be certain that your pet is going to be loved and cared for and will hopefully end it's days in a loving home.

Twitter:- @dog2home

Finding Forever Homes

Finding Furever Homes making a difference, one dog at a time

What We Do
Finding Furever Homes was set up at the end of 2013 with 3 main aims in mind; Finding Furever loving homes for Rescue Dogs, Fundraising to support Rescue costs and increasing awareness of the growing problem across the UK.

Many of you may be familiar with @NWDogRescue which is Andrea’s Twitter account, she started tweeting on behalf of a few Rescues across the UK.

News of her commitment, love, campaigning and relentless tweets to find homes for Rescue Dogs spread and as more volunteers started repeating her messages and putting forward ideas she decided to enlist their help and share her vision in a more structured way starting The Finding Furever Homes Charitable Trust

How can you help?
You can help in so many ways. If you can offer a loving home to a dog in need, that would be the best gift of all. Or you can make a donation to help keep our independent rescues running during these difficult times.
Follow Us on Twitter: @NWDogRescue
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